Like all public schools in Florida, Gateway Elementary School participated in FCAT testing in 2014. We have compiled their results from spreadsheets published by the Florida Department of Education.

NOTE: The ‘score‘ columns represent the percentage of students who got a passing grade or higher. Mobile phone users may have to turn their phone sideways to view all data.

2014 FCAT READING TEST (grades 3-5 tested)

Grade FL Students FL Score GES Students GES Score
3 209852 57 115 68
4 196786 61 115 64
5 195750 61 97 53

In reading, scores from the Grades 3 students were impressive when compared to the rest of the state. The students in Grade 4 posted numbers that were above the state average, while the Grade 5 students were well below the average in Florida.

2014 FCAT MATH TEST (grades 3-5 tested)

Grade FL Students FL Score GES Students GES Score
3 209724 58 115 76
4 196845 63 116 78
5 195622 56 97 49

Again, the Grade 3 students excelled in testing when compared to other students in Florida in the same grade. The Grade 4 kids also posted fantastic test scores, while the Grade 5 kids were far below the state average in math.

Gateway Elementary School is part of Lee County Public Schools and was given a B rating for 2014 by the Florida Department of Education’s evaluation system. The school had received an A rating the year before.

In the past five years, Gateway Elementary School has maintained either an A or B rating.

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