From the first day we began publishing we’ve been hearing from excited Gateway residents that a Publix was going to be built for our area.

The Gateway Sun has searched through Lee County permit filings and other places to find proof but so far we’ve come up empty. Additionally, the only new location that Publix has formally announced is in Cornelius, North Carolina.

We’ve found no hard evidence that a new location was being built for our residents. For that reason we’ve held off on writing anything about it.

Today, however, a Sun reader messaged us through our Facebook page and told us that the new Publix was being openly discussed at a local restaurant in Gateway.

When we add that to everything else we’ve heard so far, we feel there’s enough smoke now that we’re comfortable saying something.

To be clear: at this point we are not reporting that there is a new Publix coming. We’re reporting that there’s a strong rumor in town that a new Publix is coming.

We’ve heard that it will be built just outside of Gateway on the property owned by the airport. We’ve also heard there will be more to the development than just a Publix, so you can take that for what it’s worth.

We have reached out to the public relations staff at Publix for a statement and we will publish it once they respond.

Again, we are reporting that there is a rumor of a new Publix coming near Gateway. We are not reporting that there is definitely a new Publix coming near Gateway.


UPDATE: Brian West, Media and Public Relations Manager for Publix in Central and Southwest Florida responded to our inquiry. He said he did not have any information about a new location for the Gateway area.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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