BOGO Item Savings Item Description
3 Musketeers Fun Size Snacks 6.59 Or Snickers- Milky Way- or Twix Cookie Bars- Big Bag- 22.34 to 22.55-oz bag
Air Wick Scented Oil Refill 5.49 Assorted Varieties- 2-ct. pkg.
Alouette Soft Spreadable Cheese 5.99 Assorted Varieties- Located in the Publix Deli Specialty Cheese Section- 6.5-oz pkg.
Amazing Taste Seasoning 1.19 Chicken- 1-oz pkg.
Armour Meatballs NOTPRICED Assorted Varieties- 14-oz pkg.
Arnold Select Rolls 3.59 Hot Dog or Sandwich- Assorted Varieties- 8-ct. 12 to 16-oz pkg.
Assorted Canada Dry 7-UP or A&W 2.05 Or Diet Rite- 2-L bot.
Assorted Cole’s Bread NOTPRICED 10.5 to 16-oz pkg.
Assorted Publix Soft Drinks 1.05 Or Seltzer Water- 2-L bot.
Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix NOTPRICED Selected Varieties- 32 or 35-oz box
Aunt Jemima Syrup 4.05 Selected Varieties- 24-oz bot.
Banquet Brown’n Serve Sausage 2.19 Links or Patty- Assorted Varieties- 6.4-oz pkg.
Bantry Bay Mussels 5.99 Frozen- Farm-Raised- Assorted Varieties- 16-oz box
Boca Veggie Protein Veggie Burgers 3.79 Or Patties- Assorted Varieties- 10-oz pkg. or Veggie Ground Crumbles- 12-oz pkg.
Breakstone’s Sour Cream 2.59 All Natural- Reduced Fat- or Fat Free- 16-oz cup
BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Zephyrhills 100% Natural Spring Water NOTPRICED view details Print
Celentano Pasta Entrée 3.83 Assorted Varieties- 12.5 to 24-oz pkg.
Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers 4.29 Or Snack Mix- Zingz- or Grooves- Assorted Varieties- 9 to 13.7-oz box
Chung’s Appetizers NOTPRICED 10 to 12-oz box
Complete Multi-Purpose Solution 8.99 Easy Rub Formula- 12-oz pkg. or RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting- 10-oz box
Contessa World Cuisine Meal for Two 7.99 Or Barefoot Contessa Dinner for Two- Assorted Varieties- 22 or 24-oz bag
Crunch Pak Apple Slices 3.49 Assorted Varieties- A Healthy Snack Alternative and Ready-to-Eat- 14-oz pkg.
Curly’s Chicken Beef or Pork With BBQ Sauce 6.99 Or Pork- Roasted Chicken- or Sliced Steak- Pulled- Sauceless- 10 to 16-oz tub
Edy’s Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt 6.15 Or Dairy Dessert- or Sherbet- Assorted Varieties- 1.5-qt ctn.
FarmRich Frozen Snacks NOTPRICED 16 to 24-oz box
Freschetta Pizza 6.99 Assorted Varieties- 14.54 to 27.51-oz box
General Mills Chex Mix Snack 3.65 10.5 or 15-oz bag or Chex Mix Popped- 7.5 to 9-oz bag- or Chex Chips- 4.2-oz bag- Assorted Va
Hefty EZ Foil Pans With Covers 3.59 Roaster- Baking- Cake- Pie- Loaf- Lasagna- or All Purpose- Assorted Varieties- 1 to 4-ct. pkg.
José Olé Taquitos 5.99 Or Tacos or Nacho Bites- Assorted Varieties- 16 to 22.5-oz box
Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal 4.09 Selected Varieties- 15 to 18-oz box
Kibbles ‘n Bits Dog Food 4.89 Assorted Varieties- 3.5-lb bag
Kraft Dressing 3.39 Assorted Varieties- 16-oz bot.
Kraft Mayonnaise 5.31 Or Miracle Whip Dressing- Assorted Varieties- 30-oz jar
Lay’s Potato Chips 4.29 Assorted Varieties- 7.75 to 10.5-oz bag
Lysol All Purpose Trigger Spray Cleaner 3.19 Or Antibacterial Kitchen or Power & Free- Assorted Varieties- 22 or 32-oz bot.
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 4.79 Or Multi-Purpose Cleaning- 75 or 80-ct. cnstr.
Mama Mancini’s Meatballs 7.99 Beef or Turkey- Slow Cooked Italian Sauce- All Natural- Fully Cooked- 22-oz pkg.
Margaritaville Appetizers 9.99 Frozen- Assorted Varieties- 8 or 10-oz box
Marie Callender’s Mini Dessert Pies 2.49 Assorted Varieties- 5.8 to 10-oz box
Marie’s Dressing 3.99 Any Size Package of Equal or Lesser Price Assorted Varieties- 11.5 or 12-oz cont.
Monterey Gourmet Foods Ravioli NOTPRICED Assorted Varieties- 8-oz pkg.
Mt. Olive Pickles 3.17 16 to 46-oz jar- or Pickle or Jalapeño Pepper Slices Pak- 4-pk. 3.7-oz cont.- Selected Varieties
Muffins 4-Count 3.49 Any Size Package of Equal or Lesser Price Assorted Varieties- From the Publix Bakery- 9.
Nabisco Ritz Crackers 3.45 11.6 to 13.7-oz box or Ritz Bits- 8.8-oz box- Assorted Varieties
Nathan’s Famous Franks NOTPRICED 11 to 14-oz pkg.
Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice 3.99 Or Juice Drink Blends- Cocktail- or Beverage- 6-ct. 10-oz bot.; or Sparkling Cranberry Beverag
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn 5.45 Assorted Varieties- 6 or 10-ct. 11.64 to 19.74-oz box or 30-oz jar
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks 5.79 Assorted Varieties- 14 or 15-oz pkg.
Oscar Mayer Zip Pack Shaved Cold Cuts 5.49 Smoked or Honey Ham; or Oven Roasted or Smoked Turkey- 16-oz pkg.
Perdue Chicken Nuggets 4.39 Or Strips or Fun Shapes- Breaded- Fully Cooked- Assorted Varieties- 12-oz pkg.
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 3.49 Or Peanut & Honey Spread- Selected Varieties- 13 or 16.3-oz jar
Pillsbury Brownie Mix NOTPRICED Assorted Varieties- 18.4-oz box
Planters Peanuts 4.09 Dry Roasted- Assorted Varieties- 16-oz jar or Cocktail Peanuts- 16-oz can
Plumrose Baby Back Ribs NOTPRICED 16-oz pkg.
Publix Deli Green Tea With Coconut 1.79 Cool and Refreshing- Located in the Publix Deli- half-gal bot.
Publix Deli Tea 1.79 Or Lemonade- Assorted Varieties- Located in the Publix Deli- half-gal bot.
Publix Multi-Symptom Cold/Flu Relief 5.99 Daytime or Nitetime Liquid Gels- Assorted Varieties- 24-ct. box
Publix Peanut Butter Pretzels 4.99 Or Chocolate Peanut Butter- 11.99 or 17.28-oz pkg.
Purina Beneful Dog Food 10.99 Assorted Varieties- 7-lb bag
Quaker Cereal 5.07 Cap’n Crunch- 14.5 to 20-oz box- Life- 18-oz box- or Oatmeal Squares- 14.5-oz box- Selected Var
Quaker Oats Oatmeal 3.09 Old Fashioned or Quick-1 Minute- 18-oz cnstr.
Ragú Sauce 2.69 Selected Varieties- 16 to 24-oz jar
Ronzoni Pasta NOTPRICED Selected Varieties- 9 to 16-oz box
Rotel Tomatoes 1.49 Assorted Varieties- 10-oz can
Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Containers 5.99 Rectangle- 16-Cup or Serving Bowl- 13-Cup- 2-ct. pkg.
Sabra Hummus 3.99 Assorted Varieties- Goes Great With Pitas or Crackers- Try it as a Spread- Located in the Pu
Sargento Shredded Cheese 4.69 Assorted Varieties- 5 to 8-oz pkg.
Save Me San Francisco Pinot Noir Wine 11.69 Or Selected Varieties- 750-mL bot.
Simply Potatoes 2.95 Assorted Varieties- 20-oz bag
Smithfield Hickory Smoked Bacon 7.19 Regular or Thick Sliced; or Cherrywood- 16-oz pkg.
Solo Squared Plastic Plates 5.89 9-in- 40-ct. pkg. or 10-in- 30-ct. pkg.; or SoloGrips Plastic Cups- 18-oz- 50-ct. pkg.
Sweet Baby Ray’s Gourmet Sauces 3.39 Barbecue Sauce: Original- Honey- Hickory & Brown Sugar- or Sweet’n Spicy- Squeezable- 28 …
Thomas’ English Muffins 4.19 Assorted Varieties- 12 or 13-oz pkg.
Tombstone Pizza 6.39 Assorted Varieties- 19.8 to 28.4-oz pkg.
Totino’s Pizza or Bold Rolls NOTPRICED Assorted Varieties- 17.4 or 19.8-oz bag
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