The sidewalk on Griffin Drive is finally being extended all the way down to SR-82.

For years it appeared as though the sidewalk came to an abrupt and seemingly random end a little bit past the Silverlakes community. The Sun has learned that Gateway’s lead developer WCI was only required to complete the sidewalk for as far as they had built housing.

Now with the next phase of development in Hampton Park came the requirement by WCI to complete the sidewalk, and workers were there yesterday building the frame and making other preparations Рwith the next step being to pour the concrete.

Once it’s finished, the sidewalk will extend from SR-82 all the way to Gateway Boulevard.

It’s not known when the workers will complete the sidewalk, however it seems unlikely they’d go through the trouble of building a frame and letting it sit there for too long before pouring the concrete.

The ownership and responsibility for Griffin Drive is slated to be turned over from WCI to Lee County in the future.

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