The agenda has been set for the next meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Gateway Services Community Development District. The meeting will be held at 13240 Griffin Drive at 3:00pm on January 22, 2015. The five board members are Chairman William Guy, Vice-Chairman Margaret Fineberg, Supervisor Pamela Gill, Supervisor Gary Neubauer and Supervisor Rod Senior.

Prior to the meeting a closed door session will occur between the Supervisors and District Counsel Anthony Pires Jr. so that the board can be updated in regards to Gateway’s lawsuit against RWA Inc and Christopher Wright. RWA is a civil engineering firm that Gateway is suing for business malpractice, while Wright is RWA’s CEO.

Florida law allows for the GSCDD board to meet in private on matters such as lawsuits and security issues.

Once the public portion of the board meeting begins the board has various topics they need to discuss.

Among the first items on the agenda is a repair that needs to be done to an irrigation well near the soccer fields. The well’s submersible pump has failed and needs to be replaced. It appears Horvath Lake Fountains’ bid of $17,665 will be accepted and they will be given contract to make the repair. Another contractor, Shade Services, had bid $21,500.

The Supervisors will also be reviewing the bids for the Gateway Exterior Landscape Maintenance contract for which the GSCDD staff will once again recommend that the board award a 3-year, $2.5 million contract to Tampa-based Luke Brothers, Inc. During the bidding process Luke Brothers outbid the current landscaper, Mainscape, by an average of about $100,000 per year over the three years.

Also present at the board meeting will be IBERIABANK who will be reviewing some of Gateway’s financial options. Based on documents provided by the bank, Gateway has several million dollars available to invest in interest-bearing money market accounts. The bank will be putting forth a few options for the money. Gateway already has money placed in money market accounts, however it seems the time has come to review these investments.

Gateway’s ponds are quickly becoming a hot button topic for the GSCDD. In recent weeks concerned residents have convinced the Supervisors that some of the community’s ponds and lakes are in very poor shape. A document titled “Gateway Lake Bank Restoration” forecasts the possibility of having to spend as much as $3.795 million over the next 5 years to improve 17 lakes in Gateway. There are over 100 lakes in the district. At this point the Supervisors will just be reviewing the document and the amounts described within it have not been approved or voted on.

The final major topic of the meeting will be an update to the $1.24 million water meter replacement program that was approved in March 2014. So far 474 meters have been replaced in Pinewood Lakes and on Mahogany Run (if we’re reading the Meeting Book right) as part of a pilot project. Aside from an unexpected $900 that needed to be spent on additional excavating, GSCDD staff reports that everything is going according to plan so far.

In all, over $10 million worth of topics will be discussed at the board meeting. Residents always have the right to attend and time is allotted near the beginning of each meeting for citizens to address the board on any topic of concern.

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