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A stop sign with at least five bullet holes was discovered on Stone Valley Loop in the Stoneybrook community this morning.

One member of the Stoneybrook HOA board told the Gateway Sun they were unaware of the issue, however they said they thought they heard gun shots recently.

The Gateway CDD’s District Manager, Chris Shoemaker, told the Sun that he was also unaware of the bullet-riddled sign when we called him. Shoemaker said that his staff would come out and replace the sign as soon as it was feasible.

But not long after we got off the phone with Shoemaker, he emailed us with the explanation.

“The Stoneybrook HOA is refurbishing several of their signs so they removed the stop sign and put up the bullet riddled sign while getting the other refurbished,” said Shoemaker, adding, “So, the replacement should go up in the next week or two.”

Mystery solved.



On one hand, I’m just glad it wasn’t a case of someone standing in a residential neighborhood using the stop sign for target practice.

On the other hand, how in the world did installing a stop sign on which you can clearly see has bullet holes in it seem like a good idea?

Since at least one HOA board member wasn’t aware of any of this, it obviously wasn’t widely discussed within the Stoneybrook leadership.

That said, I hope other HOA board members in Gateway look at this situation and agree to never make the same, stupid decision.

Happy 2018!

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